Bags of Ethics : reusable for people, and planet

Bags of Ethics :
Reusable for people, and planet

About the Bags of Ethics label

Bags of Ethics is a positive label that promotes the people and planet behind reusable products.

Bags of Ethics offers consumers and brands across the world the assurance that:

  • - their products will be beautifully designed and eco-friendly produced in the most ethical way.
  • - at every stage of the supply chain people, planet and product will be consciously respected.
Bags of Ethics label
people and planet care BOE
Bags of Ethics label

people and planet care BOE

The Bags of Ethics standards and why should I choose a Bags of Ethics approved product?

The Bags of EthicsTM standards apply only to factories which 100% own their supply chain where products are 100% manufactured (cut, stitched, printed and packed).

Standard span on a various range of topics including:

  • All merchandise will be produced using either certified organic, upcycled, recycled or deadstock material
  • The inks used will be REACH compliant (non-toxic dyes)
  • All items will be reusable at least 500+ times
  • Vegan certified
  • No single-use plastic packaging or items
  • Made with love by a 90% female workforce in Pondicherry, South India
  • 100% owned factory with full transparency across supply chain
  • Tree planting programme at the factory to support carbon footprint
  • Water effluent system to harvest water and use for watering plants

A bags of Ethics label is a guarantee that you are following the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

5 Gender Equality

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

17 Partnership for the Goals.

13 Climate Action

14 Life Below Water

15 Life on Land

The BOE community spans designers, technicians, growers, tailors, printers, packers, merchandisers, buyers, and everyone along the supply chain.

Bags Of Ethics, along with their partners, have worked with over 60,000 clients across the world, including John Lewis, Nike, Selfridges, Sainsbury’s, Boots, London Fashion Week, and several small businesses who have promotional and packaging needs.

How Supreme Creations works under the Bags of Ethics label values

We have implemented many strategies and techniques that allow us to operate in a way that is as ethical and sustainable as possible at the current time.

Supply chain control:

We work with cotton farmers who are certified under international labelling organisations such as Fairtrade, Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), and the SEDEX ethical auditing body.

An accreditations from organisations such as Fairtrade assures that the farmers growing the cotton for our products are paid better prices, have decent working conditions and have fair terms of trade.

This allows the farmers to have more control over their lives, and receive a wage worthy of the work that they put into growing the product. Please note that we source all variations of cotton depending on your budget – not all of our products are Fairtrade or organic certified cotton.

Ethical Factory:

We support a 90% female workforce many of whom have leadership roles

We comply to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 as stated on our website.

We have a very low worker turnover rate in comparison to the textile industry

Bags of Ethics - women empowerment
women empowerment
Bags of Ethics - women empowerment

women empowerment


We use a variety of sustainable materials including GOTS organic certified cotton, GRS recycled materials, REACH compliant inks, Vegan and deadstock fabrics.


We protect our waterways from harmful chemicals found in inks and dyes

Giving back:

We have a tree planting program to reduce our carbon footprint

Community outreach programs in India and in the UK including food and parcel donations to small local and national charities.

All our consumer label projects have a proportion of sales donated to charities


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