Anthropologie Luxury Tote Bags

Manufacturing canvas bags for the fashion industry

How Anthropologie and Supreme Creations worked together

Founded in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Anthopologie has grown into the go-to destination for one of a kind accessories, boohoo chic clothing, home décor and gifts for your loved ones.

Their products take inspiration from fashion, arts and entertainment, and they are committed to providing a signature style that stays consistent throughout all their designs.

Alphabetised mugs and crockery, we’re looking at you. Their signature floral pieces are also one to watch as they took the fashion and high street store designs by storm in recent years.

It’s no secret that Anthropologies’ unique style reflects their passion and commitment to offer ethically made products. This is the reason why they approached sustainable and ethical manufacturer Supreme Creations when a new canvas tote bag project emerged.

Of course, we at Supreme Creations were more than happy to work on this tote bag project.



Printing a delicate artwork on a natural canvas fabric

Anthropologie is famous for their original gift ideas, including their celebration of customer’s fist name initial. For this new Marie monogram tote bag collection, they wanted to print an artist exclusive artwork on both sides of the bag.

The bag would be able to stand by itself on a shelf to create an artisan feel and a perception of luxury.

A gusset reinforced with a card was then added to add extra support to the bag. This card was sourced to be a certain shade of light brown to not clash with the natural colour of cotton, but also matched Anthropologie’s sustainable and environmental credentials.

For the fabric, the creative team at Anthropologie chose a 11oz cotton natural canvas fabric. Our team had to be careful to print the delicate design on this raw material. The product was printed with water-based inks according to the Bags Of Ethics standards.

How to increase your canvas tote bag perceived value without blowing your budget

The canvas monogram tote bag collection was such a success that Anthropologie made a similar one the following season in partnership with a new artist. This time, we offered to add a few options for an increased perceived value.

We added contrasting black handles for a fashion look and an inside pocket to make this tote bag a perfect daily accessory.

The final sustainable touch was to remove the inside carboard and pack the rolled up bag with a recycled printed paper belly wrap as an environment friendly packaging solution.

Instead of standing on shelves, the bags are now rolled up and stacked on a wooden shelf in shops to create an artisan feel.

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