How we helped Arper create stunning Brushed Canvas Bags

Manufacturing brushed bags for the furniture & furnishing industry

Arper is a family business guided by integrative, human-centred approach. This world-renowned, Italy based furniture & furnishings manufacturer is quite popular for its design sensibilities and personalised service.

Since its inception in 1989, Arper has grown into a world-class brand with a large internet presence. Their work has a clear distinct identity, symbolised by their choice of colours and clear geometrical silhouettes which are pleasing to the eye.

How Arper and Supreme Creations worked together

Arper’s belief in keeping sustainability at the core of their designs led them to partner with Supreme Creations for their latest requirement of creating ‘Premium Soft’ fabric bag options that could be showcased at the 2019 Milan Furniture Fair - Salone di Mobile and other global trade-shows.

For the project, Supreme Creations was tasked with sourcing, prototyping, constructing and creating several fabric bag options that would help Arper convey a message of ‘Premium Soft’ to the wholesale market.

Upcycling Arper fabrics or weaving a similar one?

As part of the project, Arper requested us to source materials for the fabric bags either by upcycling Arper fabrics or weaving a specific fabric which was similar to it. The team at Supreme Creations understood this request and spent many valuable hours exchanging swatches and videos that would help the two teams come to an agreement.

The first project was a basic CANBLH5 standard canvas bag, to which we have added multiple extras over the years. The expertly designed web tape handles soon became a signature for the bags created for Arper. Season over season, we have looked at Arper’s seasonal furniture offerings and matched either the print or the fabric of the bags with it.

To match Arper’s requirements we used brushed canvas (SOFT) as the fabric for the project, which was the same fabric used in their furniture. For the prints, we tested out multiple combinations of inks and fabrics to match with Arper’s design thinking, and finally arrived at a decision to use water based inks on the brushed canvas fabric that we had selected.

Handled with care

Supreme Creations matched Arper’s expectations from the original brief by creating a product which was crafted keeping their values and design sensibilities in mind. Since this was not the first time that Supreme Creations had collaborated with Arper on a project, the two teams had clear communication between them.

The decision to create a standard brushed canvas bag with signature web tape handles was an immediate success. Matching the client’s vision for the project, the final bag was printed in two colours on both sides using water based inks.

The popularity of these new fabric bags created by Supreme Creations was so immense that now Arper’s bags are commonly identified by their signature web tape handles. As for the client, they loved the result and still continue to trust us for all their new launches!

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