Jacks Beauty Line

Luxury vegan leather vanity cases/ brush cases/ make-up bags.

Looking for an ethical manufacturer

After working as a makeup artist in the beauty industry for over 15 years, Miriam Jacks launched a cruelty free beauty concept store in 2010.

Her unique brushes are not only original but they are cruelty free and produced responsibly.

The client wanted to introduce a range of cruelty free luxury makeup bags with an ethical and sustainable manufacturing process sustainable and a faux leather fabric type.

The product would be created for gifting and to be sold on Jacks Beauty Line website.


Producing a sustainable and cruelty free pouches range

For Supreme Creations developing the designs according to Jacks beauty requirements was an exciting and rewarding challenge. Firstly they wanted their makeup bags to be made from vegan material. Therefore, this project took several weeks to source fabrics and trims.

In addition, there was several rounds of sampling to ensure that the material, sizing and type of embossing was to the client’s preference. We added a mesh netting window on one of the bag as Miriam and her team didn’t want a single use plastic element in their product.

A range of 4 unique faux leather pouches

The final product was four makeup packaging bags made from faux (vegan) leather. The bags had no lining and they were printed gold on both sides with a gold zip.

The bags were received very well, and they are still being sold on the Jacks beauty website.