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Drawstring Gym Bag

Design Aspects

drawstring gym bags

These useful and light weight drawstring bags are perfect if you are after something a little different from a conventional tote. Our drawstring bags are strong, capacious and easy to carry. They are great for gym bags, school bags or gift bag features. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics and select cord, ribbon, fabric ties or cotton rope from our customisable handle options for sport backpack, hiking bag and gym sports. We can design a drawstring gym bag to your specific design, and custom print your projects using a variety of inks, dyes and processes.

Multiple Applications

Ensure your brand’s message/mission is shown and seen as much as possible. Drawstring bags have hundreds of possible applications and by choosing our reusable drawstring bag as your promotional material, your product will be noticed regularly and in a wide range of places. Hundreds of thousands of people travel or go to school or the gym every day, and these convenient and easy to carry bags will be a constant advertising campaign for your brand long after their creation.

School bags: our large-sized reusable drawstring bags are perfect to carry school books and writing materials. In the UK alone, there are millions of students who attend school and use a bag to carry their books and other materials every day. Print your logo, message or artwork on a cotton fabric drawstring backpack that will be seen daily by many.

Gym Sack bag: did you know that 12.6% of the UK’s adult population are signed up with public or private gym facilities? Our reusable drawstring bags are ideal for taking to the gym and comfortably hold trainers, gym kit and water bottles. They are lightweight, convenient and washing machine-friendly. Cotton, jute or netting are great fabrics for gym bags, and work well with all of our printing techniques and inks.

Gift bag: deliver your gift or giveaway in style with our reusable drawstring bags. Available in a variety of sizes, fabrics and finishes, they are perfect for adding gift cards an extra touch of luxury to your project. Use high-glamour PVC, velvet, silk satin or premium tissue and display your products in a beautiful and unforgettable piece of packaging. We can produce large drawstring bags for footwear, accessories, and other large gifts and tiny drawstring bags for makeup or jewellery items.

Travel bag: drawstring bags are perfect for taking travelling. Whether on a working weekend trip or a holiday, these bags are portable and useful and by printing your idea on the front, you can effectively advertise your brand from overseas. When empty, they can fold neatly into a compact product that easily fits into a handbag, car or coat pocket.

Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption is definitely on the rise. Shoppers are dedicating more thought than ever to the content, origin and manufacturing processes of the things they buy. In the UK, single-use plastic bag consumption has plummeted by 6 billion units in the wake of the government’s 2015 5p plastic bag tax, and this has led to changes in consumer habits. Now, more people than ever bring their own reusable bags from home when they go shopping, so there has never been a better time to start your project with us. The Bags of EthicsTM label means that you can pride yourself on having ethical products. Optimise the ethical market, advertise your brand, help the planet and empower women by choosing to manufacture your sustainable shopping bags with our natural fabrics and eco-friendly dyes and print pastes.

Environmental Impacts

Globally, we consume an annual average of 5 trillion single-use plastic bags, and this equates to 160,000 bags per second. We don’t do disposable at Bags of EthicsTM - these foldable shopping bags can be reused over 5,000 times and support the reduction of single-use plastic pollution. We are always striving to do more to help the planet and promote sustainably. That is why we produce these foldable shopping bags with natural and biodegradable fibres such as cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric that is grown and not made from nonrenewable oil. Our reusable cotton shopping bags will degrade at the end of its use and not spend centuries in landfill. The inks that we use are eco-friendly and REACH compliant, which further minimises our environmental impact, and we also offer GOTS certified organic cotton options. To further help the planet, contact us as soon as you have an idea and use ocean freight as your delivery method.

Social Impacts

All production at Supreme Creations/Bags of EthicsTM takes place in our own factory in Pondicherry, South India. By owning the factory, we can guarantee a transparent supply chain that benefits everybody involved in producing your bags. Our workforce in India is 90% female, and most of these ladies are the main breadwinners for their families. We strongly believe in humans, and support all of our staff through our strict codes for fair wages and occupational safety. They also learn valuable skills which mark them as true professionals in their field, whilst producing reusable bags and eco-packaging for the best brands in the world. Our efforts are recognised by Fairtrade and we also offer Fairtrade cotton options for our totes, aprons and tea towels. Our happy staff love what they do and really enjoy working with us. Read this testimonial from one of our tote stitchers. “I’ve been working at Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics for 12 years and I love what I do – it’s like a family atmosphere here. If I have any troubles at home I can talk about them to the team here and they are just like sisters. I feel that coming to work gives me a lot of energy, and pride.”

Bespoke Brand Matching

We work with your brand and match to your desired specifications. We love working on your promotional projects and our supply-chain control allows you to have the flexibility in customising a product to your brand requirements. Need a special size? Need a special fabric? Need a special colour? We can make it. Any printing style is possible when you choose to manufacture with us. We offer many variables including placement printing, full bleed printing, printed handles and personalised labels. All you need to do is send us your ideas and we will work with you to decide the best options. We will send you a mock-up straight from our factory to ensure that you are completely satisfied before we go into production. Our reusable drawstring bag is an ideal alternative to plastic bags at exhibition, promotions, conferences or retail shops. Our reusable drawstring sport bag are also great tools for advertising – both at the point of sale and also afterwards when your consumers re-use your bag in their day-to-day. In the big cities, our bags are seen on average 10,000 times. Our reusable drawstring bags are very versatile and have a wide range of uses, thus maximising your advertising or promotional potential throughout the use of the bag.

Drawstring Gym Bag

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Eco friendly inks & dyes
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Carbon Offset

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Worldwide Delivery

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Always Reusable

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Female Empowerment

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.