Our services

Our services as a bespoke textile manufacturer

At Supreme Creations, we want to offer our clients the most comprehensive choice of services based on their type of industry.

Our goal is to create a strong partnership made of creativity and trust with our customers. If you are looking for an ethical manufacturer who can handle

not only small projects but also more complex ones with delicate artwork printing or involving merchandising, packaging and fulfillment, then Supreme Creations is your ideal partner.

More than simply getting your design printed on fabric, we can bring to your project an expertise built on more than 20 years of experience within our sustainable and ethical factory.


From the initial call to the final quote

During a first call , a member of our team of experts will ask you several questions to make sure we fully understand your project. Do not worry to give away too much: your ideas are safe with us!

As we do bespoke textile products only and we do not work on stock, it is essential to go through a questionnaire to assure that our experienced sales team provides the most cost-effective solution for you.

You can also book a video call. A member of our team will show you a selection of products.

We will also mail free product samples to help you make up your mind on a fabric type, a shape, a trim or a fabric printing method.

An ethical and sustainable textile manufacturer

An ethical and sustainable textile manufacturer

First we work with official bodies to offer certifications to our customers: SEDEX Supplier of Ethical Data Exchange), (GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), R.E.A.C.H (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals).

We also created our in-house standard “Bags Of Ethics” that guarantee equity, sustainability and respect for people and planet throughout the complete supply.

We partnered with big players within their industry such as:

  • Nike, H&M, London Fashion Week, Topshop, Lacoste
  • Innocent, Tesco, Selfridges
  • Boots, Seams Beauty, Gallinée
  • Technology: Google, Samsung

Learn more on our Ethical Policy here.

Digital Mock-ups and Prototyping

Our in-house team of highly skilled pattern cutters, sample machinists and pattern graders work closely to your initial design to translate each sketch to the desired final product.

We offer several approval steps to make sure the prototype meets your expectations.

  • Free digital mock up in 48 hours after first phone call.
  • Free digital artwork proof.
  • Free Pre-production sample picture.
  • A physical prototype can be sent as well.

You can change the prototype as many times as you want to reach pitch notch perfection!

Whether you want to go somewhere new with the design of your logo, or create a design which covers the whole bag, give us a call today or email us to arrange your free artwork mock-up!


From artwork design and fabric sourcing to bespoke printing services

We understand that sometimes, one can be short on ideas. Our creative team is always ready to give you more inspiration for your product.

We are more than a manufacturer. We are a supplier that has spent over 20 years working with some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world.

And we are more than happy to share our experience with you! We can provide expert advice on current trends, as well as offering insights into the best ways to communicate your message and brand to consumers.

For example we suggested the Ladybird on Tesco’s iconic Ladybird bags for life, and can help your design stand out in just the same way!

We have a choice fabrics, trims and printing techniques to make you product unique

We are happy to source any fabric type for you, upcycled, recycled, organic or Fairtrade*.

We dye any fabric to your preferred colour or the latest trendy PANTONE of the new season

We are using REACH compliant, eco-friendly water based inks and dyes

We offer more custom printing, design and manufacturing options than any other UK supplier, and would love to show you the vast range of possibilities available to you with a custom design, including special techniques.


Fulfillment service and logistic

Do you need your bags gift wrapped? Do they need to arrive with products already inside? Not a problem.

We offer a range of fulfilment options on all orders that means your product arrives ready to be used.

Ask today to find out what we can do to help your bags impress from the second they are unpacked!

International deliveries management: we will manage your deliveries worldwide in case you have several delivery locations.

We can even store your order in our warehouse and stockage service


Retail labeling services

We can provide a fully branded and packed product that will go straight from our factory to your shop shelves or on your website.

We can create and print swing tags and barcode stickers accordingly to your instructions.

VIP collaboration

We offer a VIP collaboration package including:

  1. Supreme Creations will provide information, videos and pictures about your product production process and the story behind the magic.
  2. Supreme Creation will do a case study blog post to showcase your product and share links to your company website. This collaboration to be shared with our blog readers and our newsletter subscribers.
  1. Supreme Creations will share on social media platform such as Supreme Creations Facebook and LinkedIn page with link to our blog post.
  2. We are asking for a social media sharing with link to Supreme Creations Ethical Manufacturer website.