Fabric Options

Our Cotton Fabrics:

Cotton has been in use throughout recorded history, which is not surprising: it is very light and breathable, making it ideal in the manufacture of everything from clothes to bags.

We offer 5oz cotton fabric on all our cotton products as well as further weights made to order.

Premium Finishes:

Cotton Plus, the ultimate cotton bags! In addition to our standard cotton bags, we also offer Cotton Plus, the same high quality cotton with an added water resistant layer that gives greater rigidity to your bags- perfect for making bags that stand out from the crowd, or adding strength to make breathable cotton shopping bags with greater strength.

Brushed cotton bags: the height of luxury. For those truly special projects and designs, we can manufacture your bags in brushed cotton. This fabric is perfect for small drawstring packaging for cosmetics and other similar projects.

Our Canvas fabrics:

Canvas was once used in the making of sails, and the strength and light weight required at sea is just as useful in creating great quality bags.

We offer 10oz canvas fabric on all our canvas products as well as further weights made to order.

Premium Finishes:

Canvas Plus: an even stronger canvas bag! In addition to our normal canvas bags, we also offer the option to upgrade to Canvas Plus, an even stronger fabric with a water resistant coating. Canvas Plus bags are rigid enough to stand upright, and to really stand out from the other canvas bags on the market.

Jute and Hessian:

Jute (also known as Hessian) is one of the strongest and most environmentally friendly fabrics on the planet. All our Hessian and Jute Fabrics are ethically sourced from our longstanding partners in India. It is then delivered to our award winning factory in Pondicherry, which is completely carbon neutral and releases no toxic by-products into the environment. We have won many top awards in the UK for our environmental and ethical efforts

Premium Finishes:

Jute Plus – Our laminated interior bags!
All of our Jute shopping bags are reinforced and laminated inside with a water resistant layer that gives greater rigidity to your bags. This adds strength and durability to make jute bags that can last and are easy to clean

Jute sacks and Drawstrings:
Our Jute drawstring sacks and bags come as standard unlined for fully flexible storage of contents and products!

After a premium finish for your products? We offer Juco bags made to order. This premium fabric has a finer weave option holding up to a very high finish. This premium fabric is ideal for high quality screen printed designs.

Organic and Fairtrade options:

All our bags carry the internationally recognised Bags of Ethics label to show they have been made in an ethical and eco-friendly way. But as an extra guarantee we also offer organic and Fairtrade versions of all our cotton and canvas bags. Just ask our sales team for more details.

For more information about our fabric options or for a quote , please call 020 8459 3260 or click here to get in touch with our sales team.