Personalised Tea Towels

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Personalised Tea towel with custom print

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Personalised Tea Towels

personalised tea towels printing

Design Aspects of Personalised tea towels

Our personalised tea towels are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need them for a promotional event at a restaurant, a school or college fundraiser or a fun giveaway for your food brand, these printed tea towels are a useful promotional tool for you, and a useful product for your customers. We can print any design you require and offer placement printing and edge-to-edge printing for your artwork, recipes or logos. Our printed tea towels are generally made from 7oz cotton and high-quality non-toxic dyes, personalised gift which are machine washable and excellent for use in the kitchen as a Kitchen hand towels.

Multiple Applications of Personalised tea towels

Our printed tea towels are a unique and useful way of displaying your message. They are great for marking an anniversary, launching a new product or for creating personal memorabilia for schools or kitchens. Cotton is the preferred tea towel fabric for most of our clients, and this is because it is fast drying, very absorbent and easy to launder.

For Educational Applications

Use our printed school tea towels in your canteen for a smart and personalised kitchen addition that matches your school’s ethos. You could add your custom school logo on different coloured tea towel printing for use in the kitchen, or print students’ ideas or drawings on them for a personal and memorable lifestyle product.

As a Unique Gifts

These high-quality personalised photo printed tea towels make unique gifts that are great for every occasion. You could print a favourite photo on them and for a practical addition to a wedding or birthday party gift bag. You could also include them in a gift bag for a food and drinks trade show or event by printing your logos and recipes on them.

For Anniversary Celebration

Why not commemorate a special day by printing a design on one of our large cotton tea towels, anniversary gift. Edge-to-edge, multicoloured printing will ensure your important day will be remembered for years to come.

For Promotions

Our Custom tea towels are brilliant if you are after something a little different for your promotional material. Our Wholesale tea towels are a unique and useful gift that your customers will see every day. Instead of a typical branded plastic bag or a printed brochure or poster, why not advertise your brand on a convenient product that will have more longevity than other promotional items.

Conscious Consumptions of Tea towel Printing

In the wake of the so-called ‘war on plastic’, more people are thinking about what they are buying and how it was made. The era of meaningless and disposable giveaways is definitely over. Provide your customers with a practical and memorable piece of promotional material that they will actually use, instead of throwing away a few days later. Everything we produce at our factory has been manufactured under the Bags of EthicsTM label, and so you can pride yourself on collaborating with a company that invests its time in working with the most eco-friendly materials and processes out there.

Environmental Impact of Tea towel printing

We produce these tea towels using natural fabrics that are derived from renewable fibres such as cotton. Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton is grown - not made in a laboratory – and because of this, the cotton fabric will degrade after the end of its use instead of lingering in a landfill for years to come. Cotton tea towels are fast drying and easy to launder, therefore saving energy throughout the consumer use phase. Our eco-friendly dyes, inks and print pastes are all REACH compliant and therefore do not inflict unnecessary harm to the environment.

Social Impacts of Tea towels

One thing that sets us apart from other manufacturers is the fact that we own our own factory in Pondicherry in south India. Owning our own factory means that we can guarantee transparency in our supply chain and by adhering to our own strict regulations for fair wages and occupational safety. Our efforts are also recognised by Fairtrade, and our whole factory is Fairtrade compliant. We also offer Fairtrade cotton options for our totes, aprons and tea towels. Fairtrade has emerged as an alternative trading system that aims to combat worker exploitation and environmental degradation. By choosing Fairtrade products you are displaying solidarity with the environment and those involved in the production. 9/10 of our Indian workforce are women and the majority of these ladies are the main breadwinners for their families.

Bespoke Brand Matching with Printed Tea towels

By owning our factory, we have complete creative control of the supply chain and can produce to your exact specifications. Whether you require a customised label, embroidery work or an unusual shape, day delivery we will create it for you. We love working on your projects, large or small! We print your ideas on our ethically-sourced tea towels and will send you a full-sized sample direct from our factory to make sure you are happy before we proceed production.

Customer Satisfactions with Supreme Creations

We love hearing our customers’ feedback. We have a long history with many of our clients and really enjoy working with them on any new projects they have. Our broad client base ranges from small independent companies, shops and universities to luxury fashion and beauty brands and multinational promotional events. Our valued customers have rated us 4.5/5 stars on Google reviews.

Personalised Tea Towels

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Carbon Offset

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Worldwide Delivery

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Always Reusable

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Female Empowerment

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.