Unisex Long Sleeve TShirt

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Sustainable sourced cotton. Perfect long sleeve fit for men, or women for an oversized look.

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Awards, accreditations & partnerships

Awards, accreditations & partnerships

Frequently asked questions

What is the ordering process?

Once you have sent us an enquiry - including your artwork (when possible) - and special requests (labelling, options, fulfilment, delivery etc…)

  1. We will send you a quote and if you require it, a digital a mock-up. Normally quotes are generated on the same day, or next day but special make requests could take a big longer.
  2. If you approve the quote, we will ask you to sign the order form (digitally) and we will send an invoice and final digital artwork for your approval.
  3. Once the payment is received or payment terms are agreed with our finance team AND your digital artwork is approved we will proceed to sampling or full scale production
  4. You do have an option to request a photo or video (for larger orders) of the product before production or a sample to be physically sent to you. This adds time to your production process, and can incur costs
Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do ship worldwide and we offer flexible delivery and sustainable packing options for you e.g. swing tags, cardboard boxes, rice paper packaging etc.

What are the delivery options ?

We deliver via sea freight, air freight, and for very urgent requests, via courier. We recommend sea freight as you can save up to 97% on your carbon footprint by planning ahead.

For European deliveries these are routed through our hub in Belgium

For UK deliveries these are routed through our London based warehouses

For ROW deliveries these are sent directly from our Indian hub or routed through the UK depending on the country of destination.

We endeavour to get your products to you on the timings that you request. We have an express and standard delivery service. There are flexible delivery options which we are able to work with (split deliveries, palletised options, deliveries to multiple locations).

What is the usual lead time?

Lead time depends on the complexity of the order and the chosen shipping method. It can range from anything from 10 days to 12 weeks but the majority are between 2 – 4 weeks from all approvals.

What is the maximum number of colours we can print?

We can print up 7 colours as a standard. In some cases we can print up to 12 colours, please ask our team of experts to know more. We can print digitally so you can have a more photographic detail in the print. We can also print half tones of the design so you can get tonal effects.

How do I find out how many colours do I have in my artwork?

Basically 1 solid colour in your artwork is 1 screen, so 1 printing colour. Please send us your artwork with the quote form so we can provide an accurate quote. If you have grades of colours, we zoom into the design to see if this is a “half tone” or a different colour.

I don’t have a Pantone colour, what should I do?

Please send us your artwork and we will try to match your artwork colours. Alternatively, you can end us a physical swatch to match the colour. We recommend sending physical swatches if you want to dye your product to a specific colour. Please note that colours on computer / phone screens differ widely to physical swatches. Please also note that printing on fabric is different to printing on other substrates like ceramics, plastics, paper, card etc.

Where can I see a pantone guide?

A pantone chart is available here however be aware that colours displayed on your computer’s screen might differ from reality.

If you require us to match your order dyed to pantone we strongly recommend you send us a physical swatch to match. E.g. a printed card, or a piece of fabric, or a printed paper.

Some prints will be done using differing inks and methods depending on your artwork and the colour of the substrate material. We use environmentally friendly inks which are non-toxic, and REACH compliant.

What are my artwork file requirements?

Artworks must be sent in high resolution format, at least 300-400 pixels (dpi). All colours must be in uncoated pantones (U numbers on the pantone chart). We accept files in: PDF, AI, PSD, TIFF, EPS (note as Jpeg files are a form of compression, they lose resolution each time they are opened and saved. Please do not use jpeg files for reproduction purposes).

I don’t have any high resolution file of my artwork, can you still accept it?

Unfortunately we cannot accept low resolution artworks. However we have a graphic design service that can re-draw it at a cost. Just ask your sales manager.

What is the difference between digital and screen printing?

Both methods have advantages depending on the result you are looking for. Screen printing gives a traditional finish, with softer colours and look. Digital is more bright and crisp.

Screen printing:

Screen printing uses1 screen per colour. A screen will apply 1 colour and you can print up to 7 colours per project. Screen printing is used to print on all sort of material such as textiles, plastic, paper and latex.

Digital printing:

This is a modern process that is monitored by a computer. Images are analysed and converted into a format which can then be printed directly onto the fabric. This process allows to print more detailed artworks. Since there is no screen to be developed prior to printing, it is faster than screen printing however more expensive.

Can you print from edge to edge?

Yes – we can do full, all over printing because we manufacture all our products on order. We can print fabric edge-to-edge prior to stitching the item unlike other stockists who have finished goods which are over-printed.

Can I emboss/ deboss any fabric?

Velvet, deadstock leather, faux leather can be debossed or embossed.

What is dead stock ?

Dead stock are fabric left-overs from previous production that we can use to do handles, pockets, lining etc… as a sustainable company, we make sure nothing is wasted.

Where are the products made?

We are proudly producing our bags in our own factory in Pondicherry, India. This allows us to control our supply chain and be ethical and sustainable. 90% of this workforce are women who work in all levels of seniority.

Can I ask for organic or Fairtrade certifications?

Of course you can. Ask one of sales manager to help you on this matter.

My artwork is a photo, painting or has over 7 spot colours, can you still print it?

Yes we can. Please ask our team of experts for advice. We might need to use the digital printing method for this.

Can I print my design on both sides of the bag?

Of course you can, you can print your handles and pockets too, everything is possible as we manufacture the item on order.

Can I have a gold or silver or rose gold, or copper print?

Yes, we use foil print, glitter and metal print.

Can I have a pre-production sample?

Yes this is possible at a cost, please ask your sales manager.

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