Bags of all kinds for children and schools

We have worked with multiple children’s brands to create special products for children.

Pencil cases :

Using playful designs and colourful zips we can create a pencil case for children that entirely matches your brand and draws in customers to pick your eye pleasing accessories for their school days. In the past we have designed pencil cases that can be coloured in by their owner, why not add a fun and interactive design to your eco pencil case?

Backpacks :

Practical, attractive and unique. We can help you design an exciting eco backpack with additional pockets, zips, buckle, Velcro fastener, buttons… and much more. If you have a design in mind let us know and we will help you to formulate the perfect eco backpack for children.

Lunch boxes :

Using eco friendly materials and your unique artwork we can help to design and manufacture a branded lunch box that keeps food cool and fresh for the whole day.

Personalised home textiles :

Why not create some small aprons and tea towels for the little ones to enjoy getting creative in the kitchen. We can tailor the design to match your branding and include extra details such as pockets and different coloured neck loops.

Match the brand design across multiple textiles :

Why not split your order over multiple types of textile and have a variation of products with the same brand design artwork to create multipacks and/or multi purchases by your customers.