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Custom printed fabric canvas bags

Custom printed canvas bags uk

Custom Printed Canvas Bags: The perfect blend of strength and style

Canvas was once used to make, and the strength and light weight required at sea is just as useful in creating great quality bags. Let us put this fantastic fabric to work for you and help you promote your brand with style, control, and without harming the planet.

The most custom options in the UK :

We have literally millions of ways for you to make your custom printed canvas bags unique, and match them to your vision. We own our own factory; this means we have complete control over production and can make literally any kind of custom bags you can think of.

Any size, shape or style :

We can make any size of bag, change the handles, add a gusset for extra space, and even add luxurious inner linings to all your custom bags. And this only covers the changes we can make to our normal range of bags.

Any add-ons you like :

We can add zips, buttons, flaps, pouches, clear viewing windows and much more to any order of custom bags. Ask our customer service team team how we can meet your needs by calling 020 8459 3260.

An unbelievable range of options for your custom printed canvas bags :

We offer more printing options than any other UK supplier, and have the most experience and the greatest expertise to help you realise any design to perfection. A few of the options we have available include:

Plastisol Print :

This type of print provides great opaque colours and clear graphic detail, giving your custom printed canvas bags a more plastic texture, just as the name suggests.

Foil Print :

With this method of canvas bag printing, you can add a layer of metallic foil to your bags, usually gold or silver but with many other options to explore.

Metallic Print :

This printing method uses ink with miniscule particles of glitter suspended within. Canvas bags printed like this gain a truly beautiful finish.

Embroidery :

As with all our printing options, any design you can think of can be embroidered onto your bags to give a really special touch.

Transfer Print :

With transfer print, you will see your canvas bags printed in incredible detail; even photographs can be transferred whole through this great printing method.

Any custom products you want :

Beyond our normal range of bags and the many ways you can customise them, we can also make any custom projects you have in mind which are not covered by what is normally available. We have made advent calendars, bar tending kits and much more for our clients; if you have a special project in mind, click here to tell us about it.

Organic and Fairtrade custom printed canvas bags :

All our bags carry the internationally recognised Bags of Ethics label to show they have been made in an ethical and eco-friendly way. But you can never be too zealous in trying to help the world, so we also offer organic and Fairtrade custom printed canvas bags printed with your design. Just ask one of our sales team for more details.

Canvas Plus, An even stronger printed canvas bag :

In addition to our normal canvas bag printing, we also offer the option to upgrade to Canvas Plus, an even stronger fabric with a water resistant coating. Canvas Plus bags are rigid enough to stand upright, and to really stand out from the other printed canvas bags on the market. For more information, please call 020 8459 3260 or click here to get in touch with our sales team.

Get as many printed canvas bags as you need, wholesale :

 We can manufacture almost any number of bags; the minimum order is 200 bags, beyond that the sky is the limit. Whether you are a chain of stores or a tiny local business, we can make just the right amount for you.