Custom Tea Towels

Custom tea towels uk

Help your business stand out with our Custom Tea Towels

Whether you are looking for a memorable promotional giveaway, or a great product to sell in stores, our custom tea towels are a great choice. We can print whatever you like on your order, in the UK’s widest array of printing styles, and add a huge array of custom options, making sure that your tea towels stand out just as you intend.

The most custom options in the UK :

We have literally millions of ways for you to make your custom tea towels unique, and match them to your vision. We own our own factory; this means we have complete control over production and can make literally any kind of custom tea towels you can think of.

Any add-ons you like :

We can add custom labels, pouches, tassels, buttons and much more to any order of custom tea towels. Ask our customer service team how we can meet your needs by calling 020 8459 3260.

Print any design : 

We offer more printing options than any other UK manufacturer, from simple screen print to luxurious Metallic and Puffy print styles. This means that whatever your design, we can print it however you like on your custom tea towels.

Get as many as you need :

 We own our own factory, so once you have finalised your custom design we can make as many tea towels as you require, from 200 to any number you need. So if your order is to be sold in a chain of stores, or given away to a few lucky guests at an event, we can make it happen for you.

Help make a difference :

 We have won many prestigious awards for our ethical business practices, and the environmental credentials of our factory in South India, which is fully carbon neutral and doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the environment. So if you want to help the world, work with a company that cares as much as you do about the environment.

Cotton tea towels the perfect fabric : 

Cotton has been in use throughout history, and for good reason: it is very light and breathable, making it ideal in the manufacture of lightweight clothes…and tea towels. Let us put this fantastic fabric to work for you and help you promote your brand with style, control, and without harming the planet.

UK based advisers :

 Our experienced London based advisors can work with you on getting the best possible custom tea towels for your company. Come and visit our showroom or book a client visit on 020 8459 3260. You can find more ways to contact us here.