Customised printing

Customised printing options for your eco-friendly totes, jutes, make up bags, aprons, tea towels and bedding.

At Supreme Creations we believe it is important to stay creative and unique with our designs and artwork. That’s why we work with you to make sure we can create something beautiful for your brand using customised and personalised printing design.

Floral :

We can print up to 7 different colours within your print design, which means for any floral print we there is scope for a rainbow bouquet. You can have this print all over, in a strip across the product or even the handles.

Imagery and artwork :

Do you have a specific image you want printed on your personalised product? Perhaps your logo or particular brand marketing image for an event or new product release. We can give you total creative control with regards to the image, all we ask if it fits within our artwork requirements and we will do the rest.

Animal print :

We can print full bleed, meaning it covers your whole product, with any animal design of your choice. Be that scary spice inspired leopard print, African style zebra and even snake skin. We can even use a variation of textiles to create a unique feel for the bag too, such as felt.

Text, sloganand logo :

Along with beautiful artwork we can also print text on your product too. Be that your slogan, an enticing question or your website and social media details. Got an event? Did you know tote bags are seen on an average 10,000 time in big cities? Why not add the details to create a unique invitation that an individual uses on their day to day, enticing passers-by to attend too. You could also incorporate your logo within your artwork print, separately or on an individual label.