Eco-friendly and Fashionable Bottle Bags

Fashionable Bottle Bags

Linen, cotton and jute bottle bags :

Depending on your design and size preference we can create a bottle bag with any of these three textiles. Natural materials that all boasteco-friendly qualities and durability.

Match your personalised bottle bag with your branding :

We are passionate about producing creatively designed and stylish bottle bags that will never go out of fashion. Using colours, logos and artwork we can help you design a bottle bag that matches yourbranding to be entirely personalised and unique bottle bags. Why not get creative and choose different coloured handles, transparent windows to see what fancywine bottle is in store or add a pocket to store a much needed bottle opener.

Choose matching tea towels, eco bags and other textiles :

Why not use your branding design to create matching items to use as giveaway for an event or sell with your label and branding on? 

Wholesale bottle bags :

Our minimum quantity for an order is 200 items but there is no maximum amount, we own our own factory in Pondicherry, India, so we have complete control of the supply chain from start to finish. Meaning you can bulk order your branded bottle bags to as many as you want.

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