Ecobag special, unique and personalised

We can add the extra details that make your ecobag special, unique and personalised.

Add an intricate zip :

We can add a coloured zip to your bag, this can go all the way around three sides for a make-up bag, along the top for a canvas bag or backpack. It can also be added to an additional smaller bag attached via a metal chain like our Selfridges* bag. We can add zips to bags made of our eco- friendly materials including cotton, canvas, jute and hessian.

Have a photo screen printed onto your eco bag :

We have scope to take on an array of creative ideas and designs for the artwork for all the textiles we produce. This includes being able to add a photo to your artwork using print screening. This can be done in a variety of ways, including a collage or single print. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and together we can create something unique and personalised.

Printed handles on your Ecobag :

Why not choose to have your handles a different colour or design to the rest of the bag? This will make your bag stand out and showcase its unique design that aligns with your brand for a conference, campaign, new product launch or to be handed to customers in retail stores.

Foldable eco bag :

We can create a foldable bag, make up bag, shopper, canvas and tote. This adds convenience, a unique selling point and potentially cause it to be used more. The reason being it is easier for your customer to carry around, and so therefore this additional element will make your ecobag the chosen one.

Foil print, plastisol finish or glitter :

Our motto is don’t be boring and in order create you a unique and special design why not add glitter within the artwork to add that final sparkle? We also do a shiny foil print for a gold or silver shimmer to make your bag stand out. Plastisol gives your bag an additional texture which is good for practical use such as gym bags and backpacks, which we can also add an additional waterproof lining for added convenience and durability.