Luxury Makeup Bags

Luxury Make-up Bags & pouches

We manufacture and print premium beauty bags for give-aways, packaging and products. Whatever shape, size, style and design of makeup pouch or wash bag you are looking for, we are the manufacturer to help you create your dream product.

Luxury makeup bags and pouches


Wholesale luxury makeup bags

Wholesale luxury makeup bags uk

Choose your style :

We can make any size of bag you need for your products or event. Whether it’s a canvas makeup bag, a mini sateen drawstring, or a travel size zip pouch; We can help you design, make and print your perfect packaging.

A few of our options include:

  • Luxury Print finishes and patterns
  • Bespoke made to order sizes
  • Printed and fully lined bags
  • Customize with your colour of Zip and fabric label
  • Organic Cotton, Canvas, Jute and Eco fabrics available

Get them custom made : We own our own award-winning factory in India, which means we can adapt to whatever you have in mind. We can change the shape, size, style and fabric of your pouches to suit your preferences; with us, every order is bespoke, and made precisely to suit your needs.

Luxury Print finishes : We offer more custom printing options than any other wholesale UK manufacturer. From bold screen print to luxurious Metallic and Puffy prints, and even embroidery. We can print any design you want, in whatever way you think best suits your brand and message.

Wholesale quantities : We can manufacture any wholesale order, from 200 makeup pouches to over 20 million bags. Whether you are planning a small luxury giveaway, or a national campaign, we can meet your needs with skill and precision.

Help make a difference : All our makeup bags and wash bags are made in our carbon-neutral, emissions-free factory in India. We have won many awards for our ethical and environmental practices, so help the world and partner with a company that cares as much as you do.


View our products

Small canvas mini cosmetic bag and travel pouch

CANMKB12- Small Canvas Mini Cosmetic Bag And Travel Pouch 22cm (W) X 25CM (H) X 7CM (D)


Medium black day cosmetic bags

CANMKB13 - Medium Black Day Cosmetic Bag 23cm (W) X 14.5CM (H) X 7.5CM (D)


High glamour glossy makeup bags

CANMKB9 - High Glamour Glossy Makeup Bag 20CM (W) X 11CM (H) X 8CM (D)



Many thanks to all involved for a quick turnaround. The quality of the bags and the print is absolutely fantastic, we couldn't be happier.

- Jamie, Dynamic Colour