Personalised Beach Bags


Personalised beach bags for seasonal products

Canvas, tote and jute beach bags :

All textiles we use are eco-friendly materials and vary in their feel and style, but all can be used to create products that are creative, compatible with the environment and attractive. Size and design matter for beach bags, win your customers over with waterproof lining and pockets perfectly sized to fit sun cream. Get in touch today and we can discuss the best materials for your ideas and design.

Match your beach bag with your branding :

Using non-toxic inks we can design your beach bag to match your branding using some eye catching artwork that incorporates your logo and your social media handle. Creating the perfect beach bag acting as an advert that can be seen on beaches all over the world. Get in touch today and let us design you a mock up example of your beach bag to trial and test, we can make any necessary changes and work with you to create your perfect product.

Fairtrade and organic beach bags :

We are accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation and so can offer Fairtrade options as well as organic. You can then include various credited GOTS labels to promote your appreciate of the conscious consumer.

Wholesale beach bags :

Our minimum order is 200 units but there is no maximum number, we own our own factory in India and so therefore we have complete control of the supply chain from start to finish. Allowing for bulk order your business.

Call us today or get in touch on our live chat to speak to a member from sales and get an instant quote.