Promotional Backpacks


Personalised and Printed Promotional Backpacks

Cotton and canvas backpacks :

We can create you the perfect branded backpack for promotionaluse with a variation of textiles depending on your design and ideas.

Drawstring or long handles :

We can design a backpack to your specific design, using drawstring handles or long handles to go over both shoulders. Why not vary the colour of the handles or add a unique design to them to match your branding.

Printed and personalised backpacks :

We can match your backpack with your branding using logos, slogans, artwork and labels. We have done this for various brands such as Nike and Adidas, to be used with their products or as a promo product for a specific event.

Wholesale backpacks :

Our minimum order is 200 units but there is no maximum number, we own our own factory in India and so therefore we have complete control of the supply chain from start to finish. Allowing for bulk order of your backpacks your brand.

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