Personalised sports bags

Personalised bags for sports, hiking and gym

We can create practical, personalised bags suitable for all things active.

Using clever design with strong, waterproof material we can create durable bags for energetic brands who promote healthy, active lifestyles. We can print up to 7 colours, include any personalised artwork, add slogans and logo images and add intricate details to make your bag entirely unique.

Drawstring sports bag :

We can create small and large drawstring bags which are perfect for sports events. These can be handed out during races and team games or even before in preparation. We can use easy to clean, eco-friendly cotton or sustainable and waterproof material for added practical style. These can be used to hold sportswear, sport shoes or snacks and water. Add your logo using metallic foil so it shines in the sun as your athlete customers run along with their favourite new personalised sports bag.

Bag within a bag :

We all know one of the main purposes of a sports bag is to keep certain smells trapped in after an active session. So why not create a custom made bag that sits within your sports bag? You can add a chain or rope handle to keep it attached but highly accessible. We can incorporate netted lining to extra hygiene as well as a zip or drawstring toggle.

Personalised backpack for hiking :

We can create custom made eco-friendly bags for you brand, suitable for climbing and long distance hiking by ensuring they are durable, waterproof and strong. Using thick straps for the climbers shoulders and additional straps to clip around the waist to spread the weight-load. We can add extra pockets to make food and water bottles accessible within your highly practical, personalised sports backpack.

Different coloured handles : 

Why not add an extra unique quality by designing the bag to have separate coloured handles, or even add an additional artwork to them, names or social media handles?

Get in touch today for a quote and speak to our sales team for advice on how to create the branded, custom made sports bag.