Reusable bags: carrying all before them

Reusable bags: carrying all before them

Plastic bags are on the way out; England’s new 5p levy on single-use plastic bags in Britain’s shops means that the reusable, dependable bag for life is here to stay, and we make the very best available. Our reusable fabric bags are the most reliable, most eco-friendly and most stylish way to help your customers and spread your brand, so get in touch and get a free quote today.

Reusable bags uk

Wholesale reusable bags

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In it for the long haul :

Our reusable bags are all rigorously tested before being sent to our customers, so that we can be sure that they will all hold well over 10kg of weight, and will last for over 5,000 uses. Reusable is putting it mildly.

A great range of fabrics :

We offer a range of fabric bags; our standard options are cotton, canvas and jute, all of which are easy to manufacture into amazing fabric bags. Beyond these standard options we also offer Cotton and Canvas Plus with extra properties, polypropylene bags and many more options. Ask our sales team for more information on the fabrics available.

Order the perfect reusable bags for your business :

 Not only do we have a huge range of standard style options, from shopping bags to pouches to backpacks, we can custom manufacture whatever bespoke product you want here. So whether your dream reusable bag is a classic favourite, or an innovative new design, we can help you realise it.

Create your dream design :

 Whatever fabric and style you choose, our dazzling array of custom printing options will help your promotional products or bags for life truly stand out. We have more printing options than any other UK manufacturer, and every wholesale order we make is bespoke and personalised.

Get them wholesale :

 We can produce any number of reusable bags, from a minimum of 200 units into the millions. Not only do we offer a huge range of fabrics, styles and design options, we also offer you the ability to produce your order in the ideal quantity for you.

Buy bags that help the planet :

 All the fabric we use to manufacture your order is ethically sourced, while our factory is completely carbon neutral with no toxic emissions.

UK based advisers :

 Our experienced London based advisors can work with you to determine the best possible reusable bags for your company. They have a huge amount of experience, and can offer advice to make any reusable bags that little bit better. We would love for you to come and visit our showroom, or book a client visit on 020 8459 3260. You can find more ways to contact us here.