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The UK's most experienced supplier of reusable Shopping Bags

Our shopping bags are the perfect giveaway to spread your brand, and turn every customer of yours into a walking billboard.

Shop with the industry experts :

 We were the very first UK manufacturer to supply reusable fabric shopping bags to Supermarkets like Tesco, the Co-operative and many others, and you can benefit from our experience.

Help the environment in more ways than one :

 Not only will you cut down on plastic bag use by ordering our shopping bags, you will also cut down on harmful manufacturing by-products: our award winning factory in India is carbon-neutral, and produces no toxic run-off.

Get as many bags as you need :

 We can supply any quantity of shopping bags, from 200 to 20 million, so whether you are a supermarket chain or cosy local shop, a wholesale order with us will suit your needs perfectly.

Great range of fabric :

Our shopping bags are typically manufactured from cotton, canvas or jute. Click here to learn more about the possibilities, and the other fabrics we have available.

UK based advisers :

 Our experienced London based advisors can work with you on getting the best possible shopping bags for your company. Come and visit our showroom or book a client visit on 020 8459 3260. You can find more ways to contact us here.

Customize with us :

 We custom design and manufacture every order we receive; choose your fabric, choose your design, and choose from a selection of custom printing options which are more extensive than any other UK supplier.

Price match : 

As a manufacturer, there are no middle men, so we should be competitive on price; if you find a cheaper like-for-like offer, we will match it.