Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Custom printed drawstring bags for your business

Our drawstring bags are ideal for product packaging, sale or as giveaways for your business. We have hundreds of options of drawstring bags; from large drawstring backpacks to small dust bags for shoes. We supply wholesale orders to many UK businesses and can send a quick tailored quote directly. Whether you are small boutique, online shop or high street retailer we can make bags to suit your needs. Start today and get a free quote.

Custom printed drawstring bags


Wholesale orders

Whatever quantity of bags you have in mind, we can help. We have the ability to produce almost any number of wholesale bags, from as few as 200 bags, to as many as…well, as many as you want. We have no upper limit on the number of bags we can manufacture, so whether you are a small local shop looking to make a splash, or a giant chain of stores such as Tesco, Topshop or John Lewis, we can help.

Custom made drawstring bags : 

We own our own multi-award-winning factory. This means that we are better equipped than any other UK supplier to make your drawstring bags to your exact specifications. Any quantity, any style of bag, any design; our wholesale drawstring bags are made to your specifications by a company in complete control of every last detail.

Any Size :

Our drawstring bags can be purchased in a variety of styles; from our popular promotional backpack size to large handbag, shoe or dust bags size. We also make miniature jewellery pouches and small spice bags. We have every need catered for.

Customise your Drawstring bags :

Customise your product by choosing your colour of cords, ribbon and optional fabric labels.

Get a unique design for your brand :

Our almost unlimited range of custom printing and manufacturing options means that whatever you can think of, we can manufacture for you. No other UK suppler can match the range of choice we offer you, so why not challenge us with your unique designs and submit a quote today?

Make a positive impact in the world :

We have won many of the most prestigious awards in the UK for both our carbon neutral factory in Pondicherry and the ethical way we treat our workers. Order drawstring bags with us and help give back something extra to the world. Learn more about our ethical and environmental efforts here.

Get help from the best :

We have been helping our clients to realise their custom designs for over 20 years. We will use all of our experience to help your drawstring bags stand out from the crowd.

UK based advisers :

Our experienced London based advisors can work with you on getting the best possible drawstring bags wholesale for your company. Come and visit our showroom or book a client visit on 020 8459 3260. You can find more ways to contact us here.